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Artz  X Pro Studios is a Graphic and Website Design Company Located in Lanseria, Johannesburg that has helped multiple compaies build their Brand, turning visitors into customers all around South Africa 

Website Development Company That Makes A Difference

As a Graphic and Website Company, we Design Custom Branded and Fully Responsive websites that are optimized for search engines, such as Google and Bing. We have designed a process that helps us create websites faster then our competitiors even with the customized addons. All our website are one of a kind that will help make your Business become a Industry Leader. Every Business that We help build, We build it as if it was one of our own.

Website Development

  • Responsive Websites
  • E-Commerce
  • Customisation
  • Speed Optimization

Everyone talks about a responsive website, but what does it actually mean? A responsive website is a website that allows you to view the website across multiple different platforms such as Mobile Devices, Tablets, Desktops and Laptops. When designing a website, your website needs to operate flawlessly on all these platforms when it comes to sizing, images etc. In today’s life almost 90% of users, use mobile devices to find a website that can provide the service they are looking for. When it comes to the development of these kinds of websites a lot of planning is done to ensure that the website looks Amazing but Performs even Better.

If you have a business that sells products, why not sell your product from your website? This is where E-Commerce Websites come into play. These websites are built mostly around your products helping you gain more traffic to your online shop. It is essential that your website stands apart from your competition as it is the first impression you make on your future customers. 

Our E-Commerce websites are built with WordPress using WooCommerce as this is most popular and user friendly E-Commerce system that gets the job done. The rest of the Website is custom built to deliver the best visitor experience. 

Artz X Pro Studios understand and works on building a Brand. We also understand how websites work that is we help to define your Business, Brand, Serivices and Culture using the right Brand Identity to help solidify your business when it comes to your customers.

The Identity of your business includes designs, fonts, images, icon and sometimes even custom coding for your website development.

Our creative designers will take your brand identity and seamlessly translate it to a fully-realized web presence. We’ll begin with style tiles to tell the visual story and a sitemap to manage the navigation for the development of your company website. From here we can build wireframes to dig even deeper into this visual representation of your brand.

Speed is King in the digital world. Loading speeds of your websites determines your search results that is why we spend so much time and effort to deliver you a super fast and responsive website to boost your search results. We don't just build super fast websites we also host on super fast servers as this is essential to your website. We have tested multiple webhosting companies and found a selected number of companies that we have partnered up with making it a lot more affordable to do your hosting with lightning fast website speed.

Redesign & Branding

  • Design
  • Content
  • Optimization
  • User Experience

What is the purpose of redesigning a website? Well there is a number of reasons. Redesigning a website can offer something new to your customer or potential customers such as a new look and feel that works on multiple different platforms. Outdated websites may have potential problems such as compatibility issues. Upgrading and maintaining your website helps you grow your internet presence, it also creates and Brand that potential customers can trust. Upgraded website may also help you gain more leads for your business. We can assist with upgrading your website and still keep your unique Brand and Style unless you want us to update that as well….

Why is it important to have content on your website? Websites are a great place to find information. Perhaps you are selling a product but have no information on the product, a potential client might not purchase that product because your product doesn’t provide enough information. A well-built website should be informative, it should help you bring your message to your clients telling them what your brand is about and showing them that you create the trend and not follow them. Website content is information on your website that helps them find a solution to their problem. Your website content should be informative and detailed that a client will understand. Once a potential client understands what they wanted to know it will help turn them into a client. Just a interesting fact, according to research done by Google, 79% of users who can’t find information they need easily on your mobile site will go to another website to find the answer they want

What is the reason to have an optimized website? When it comes to websites it is important to understand that optimized websites help with your search results on platforms such as Google and Bing. These platforms focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Speed, Content, Marketing and Backlinks. When a website is built on solid foundation it will lead to the success of a website. We can assist to ensure that your website is fully optimized and help improve your website search results.

When redesigning a website it is important to focus on the user and how they will experience the website.  The focus must be completely on the customer and how they will react to your website. When designing the content we focus on what will leave the customer wanting more and wanting your product or services. We focus on creating sales funnels, make navigation and functionality priority and use tracking software to monitor where your customers click and how they react to your website. Analyse loading speeds and even monitor your customers scroll behaviour to ensure that your customers leave with a unforgettable user experience

Standard Features Built into our websites

✔Search Engine Friendly
✔Image Compression
✔Fast Loading Time
✔ Easy to Use and Update

✔Photo Gallery
✔Contact Form
✔Tracking Software

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