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Artz  X Pro Studios is a Graphic and Website Design Company Located in Lanseria, Johannesburg that has helped multiple companies build their Brand, turning visitors into customers all around South Africa.

What makes Artz X Pro Studios so different?

As a Graphic and Website Company, we Design Custom Branded and Fully Responsive websites that are optimized for search engines, such as Google and Bing. We have designed a process that helps us create websites faster then our competitiors even with the customized addons. All our website are one of a kind that will help make your Business become a Industry Leader. Every Business that We help build, We build it as if it was one of our own. Helping you connect to the world!

Vision and Brand

  • Analysing Your Site?
  • Business Insight?
  • Where you Stand?
  • Knowing your competition!

Well, we all have to start somewhere don’t we? So First thing first. Website Analysis! Before we do anything we focus on what is the purpose of your website? Will your website be used for personal reasons or are you planning on marketing a product or service? What do you want to have on your site? Maybe you would like your website to have a shop as a feature or perhaps something unique to your brand? It’s also just as important to speak to your customers, so what content would you like your customers to see? What Goals are set for your Brand? These are the thing we focus on, knowing what you want is what helps change the way you do business. Once we understand where you are headed with your business, We can help you get there….

Target Markets…. Yes Target Markets! How well do you know your customers? Maybe you know some of them very well? Maybe you don’t? Let’s find out! What do you think keeps your customers interested? Think about that for a moment! Not that simple is it? The reason for that is because people are different! Don’t worry, we have you covered! Using Data that we collect from your website we will help find out what keeps people engaged and what will turn a visitor into a customer!

Website are a lot like buildings, the key to a successful website is all about the foundations that are set! If your website doesn’t have a solid foundation, it will not be successful. If you have a current website, we will do a full website analysis from the website itself to search engine optimization to find any potential problems and fix them! If we are building a website from scratch, we will build a solid foundation from the beginning to ensure that your website will have a successful launch! It doesn’t matter what website we are busy with, we will also set benchmarks to ensure that you see website growth, based on the goals you plan to achieve.

How well do you know your competition? If you understand what your competitors are up to and what their business model is based upon, it can give you an advantage in the future. Knowing what their next move is or what their future goals are, is the difference between being their competition or being an industry leader. We will do all that research for you to help you stay one step ahead…

Creative Website

  • Website Sitemap
  • Style
  • Website Wireframe
  • Development

What is website sitemap? The website sitemap is the basic structure of navigating through a website. When creating a website the first thing we focus on is how the website will be structured, navigation of the website and what sort of content will be in it? This is extremely helpful when it comes to the next process of the website…

After the sitemap is properly structured we then get to the style process of the website. Here we focus on your company’s brand! We decide what fonts will be used, choose colours for your website and brand, focus on the headlines, paragraphs, font styles, images, sizes and navigation styles.

This is where we put the structural ideas into a design so that you understand the positioning of items and website flow from page to page.

Time for Development, this is where the Magic happens! When it all comes together. At this stage we take the entire website (sitemap, style and wireframe) with content and create the website. We also create custom content for your website such as Icons, Designs, info graphics and so much more. We then build the rest of the website, making it responsive and putting together all the pieces. During this stage will also check Search Engine Optimization to ensure that it corresponds with Google requirements. We focus on site loading speed and we even install tracking software to give you accurate data on the performance of your website. Depending on what you plan on using your site for and features you want on your site we also may do custom coding to helping improve website elements.


  • Social Media Intergration
  • Domain Mapping
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • After The Development

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about your Social Media . . . Or did we? Hmmm . . . Guess We will never know! After your website is fully created at this point we will integrate your Social Media with your website, this is also known as website back links to help improve your search results on Google and Bing. This will also help to keep your customers up to date on what’s happening.  

So what is this domain mapping thing? Well to put it in the easiest terms possible your domain is your websites address, it is how search engines find your website. When launching a new website or even a redesigned website we want to map your URLS to improve your Search Engine Optimization so that Google and Bing can find you. When the domain mapping is done we then submit to it all major search engines using tracking software such as Google Analytics.

Since we are living in an age of technology there are so many variations of computer systems, devices, browsers, screen resolutions and personalized settings, you will always find a view that might looks a little off.  We have put together a team of testers from all walks of life that use your website with the intention of finding a way to break your website so that we can find all the problems and fix them before we fully launch your website.


Great now that your website is done, we are ready to launch! So is that it? We can still assist with your Website, Maintenance and Online Marketing through our monthly retained services to help ensure website growth. A successful web design project is a successful website that helps build your Brand and Business.

Standard Features Built into our websites

✔Search Engine Friendly
✔Image Compression
✔Fast Loading Time
✔ Easy to Use and Update

✔Photo Gallery
✔Contact Form
✔Tracking Software

Are you ready for change?